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The Banovich lab is aways looking for talented postdoctoral researchers or PhD students. We have three main ongoing project in the lab (see Projects for more info) based in two main disease areas, a rare form of lung disease called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and cancer. We use single cell omics, classic genomics technologies, and experimental approaches to understand the gene regulatory architecture underlying these diseases and treatment response at a single cell resolution. The lab has access to a number of unique sample sets in these areas along with exceptional institutional sequencing and computational resources. 

If you are interested in pursuing postdoctoral research or graduate research with my group please reach out to me by email.

TGen is a non-profit research institute located in sunny downtown Phoenix. 


The Translational Genomics Research Institute

445 N 5th St
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Office Phone: 602-343-8432
Email: nbanovich {at} tgen {dot} org
Twitter: @NeBanovich

Administrative Assistant: Kristin Naylor
Email: knaylor {at} tgen {dot} org
Phone: 602-343-8469